About Iyer Mam

On 10th of July 1967 in a small sleepy outskirts of Bhilai, Charoda railway colony a proud couples got a wonderful gift on their first marriage anniversary. Thus, a beautiful little girl was born and the proud parents Mrs. Vasanti Rajan and Mr. Ranga Rajan named their first child Rajashree. Three more siblings completed the beautiful family.

Father Mr. Rangarajan was a guard in railways, who in his spare time practiced homeopathy. The four year old little girl was his assistant who helped him in preparing the medicines to be given to the patients and could remember all the names of the tinctures. Mother Vasanthi would teach her shlokas which she would wonderfully recite.

Tragedy struck the family when she was nine and she lost her father. Her mother had to take care of dual responsibility of house maker and bread winner. Rajashree continued her brilliance in her school and always stood first in her class. At the tender age of eighteen along with her college studies she took up part time teaching to supplement her family’s income. She was oblivious of the fact at that time that one day this will become her profession and she will be regarded as one of the finest in her profession which she took up rather reluctantly.

She completed her B.Sc. from Durg Girls College and M.A. (Psychology) from Pt. Ravi Shankar University, Raipur. After completing her post graduation she expanded her coaching which had begun in a small hall of the government quarters allotted to her mother. Slowly the number of students grew and she required more space. A court yard of a family friend came to her rescue. It was modified into a class room. There were no fans, electricity etc., Lalten was used for light. Students and their teacher would work hard. Word spread in the colony and more and more students came to study under RAJI DIDI.

In 1992 marriage proposal came and she had to shift to Nagpur post marriage. The family and friends were happy for her. But her students cried. They felt cheated. She was leaving them to fend for themselves. If only she had postponed her marriage till they finished their schooling.

After marriage she took to her new role of a wife and a daughter in law with ease. Teaching did not excite her. She took to job in a computer institute in Nagpur as a marketing coordinator and here also she excelled in her work. Time passed swiftly and she became mother of beautiful little girl. Fate landed her back in Chhattisgarh, this time in Korba, where her life was about to transform and she was to reach great heights.

Not the one to wane her time she started looking for a job but that did not last long. A freak accident restricted her movement and she had to remain indoors. Some students through her local acquaintance approached her with a request to prepare them for competitive exams. Here she was, back to her teaching days. Then more students came. The endeavor began to take a shape of a coaching institute. One day a parent came and asked her for the address of IYER MADAM. She politely said she don’t know whom he was referring to. But after some discussion it became clear that he was referring to her. Being a south Indian, some students started to call her as IYER MADAM and the word spread thick and fast. Later, the name stuck with her and the whole of Korba now knows her as IYER MADAM.

The love of her students inspired her and the migration of students for better education to far off places concerned her. She was worried that students had to leave their parents and lead a stressful life to prepare for their future. A small number with a strong will succeeded, but a majority suffered. Some could not cope up due to home sickness, some got into bad company, some went clueless as they found the environment too tough to handle. Being a woman the plight of children was moving her heart and she resolved that in whatever small way possible, she is going to contribute in reducing the plight of these children. She started dreaming to provide quality education in korba. She knew that it will be a herculean task and would require a big support team. Quality education institutes from outside came to korba. But they could not sustain. She soon realized that to succeed, the local professional talents needed to come to gather. ENLIGHTER’S GROUP came into existence as an umbrella and others were included to provide specialized attention to the students. This effort was hugely successful and the time has now arrived to take it to next level.

She can now look back with pride. In 2006 when first crop of students passed the highest percentage was 89%. The years passed the percentage increased. Now in 2014 the highest percentage touched a new high of 96%. The journey was truly wonderful and there is more to come.

Her Motto of life is DREAM AND THE DREAM COMES TRUE ……………